Objectives and Programs:

As per the current law, regulation and under the policy and instruction of Nepal government and Nepal Rastra Bank in coordination with related system, the objectives of this institution are as follows:

  • This institution will be non profit, service oriented social institution.
  • To achieve prosperity and protection of rights & benefits of occupation of all the development banks of the whole nation.
  • To create and promote mutual unity, friendship, brotherhood, occupational behavior and courtesy among the development banks.
  • To help implement the High Priority Sector lending Program related to eradication of rural poverty as per the monetary policy of the nation
  • To help manage the resources keeping good relation with international financial institutions depending on the financial policy of Nepal government and Nepal Rastra Bank.
  • To strengthen the role of development banks and financial institutions in the economic development and construction of a nation.
  • To provide help to Nepal government and Nepal Rastra Bank in economic policy formation.
  • To maintain creative role in a influential way in the community development sector.
  • To cooperate and maintain good relation with national and foreign institutions for the similar/uniform objectives.
  • To activise the knowledge and skills of experts in an institutional way for the purpose of development of the nation.
  • To be dedicated for the activity and directives of the association and to participate in other development programs.

Work to be performed to achieve objectives:

  • The institution can implement its objectives only after being approved by the related body as per the prevailing law.
  • The institution will employee the required employees and determine their terms and conditions of services.
  • To purchase and hire the required land and building, and to buy necessary vehicles, telephone, computers etc.
  • To conduct discussions, programs, seminars among the involved members of the institution to achieve its objectives.
  • To open accounts in any banks or financial institution to carry out the financial transactions of the institution.
  • To conduct the different programs for generating the economic sources to achieve objectives of organization.
  • To exchange the mutual benefit among the member banks and economic organization, research work and to work for innovation.
  • Suggestions and aid in subject of banking business and transaction will be provided for the member of organization.
  • To establish the co-ordination and help among members for seen banking transaction, corporate, administrative, legal, procedural, technical, e.tc different problems and difficulties find out appropriate way for eradication of problems and difficulties.
  • To collect various accessories of banking transactions and business related to investigative, analytical and other type of writings, information, statistics report e.t.c and create the system for provide and distribution of collected items.
  • To exchange information related to customer and credit according to the current Nepal legal system.
  • To increase the skills, ability and knowledge of the human resource working on banking industry, time to time trainings, seminars, meeting etc are planned and thus managed.
  • To carry out the necessary functions for increment of positive attributes among the general people about banking transactions and services.
  • To carry out and fulfill different objectives and programs
  • To carryout and fulfillment of different goals and activities for needed economic sources through the membership cost and notices delegated cost to customers (Subscription Fee..) and get economic aid through the various national and international organization, institution, bodies and from those involving in the programs and benefits of organization.
  • To work out on all activities for fulfillment of above mentioned goals or their substitutes.