System of Election:

  • Within 6 months of the registration of this institution, new working committee must be elected and its information should be send to the local authority and related system.
  • The working committee will create one election committee for the purpose of election.
  • The election committee will manage its work procedure itself.
  • The decision of election committee will be the final decision regarding the election.
  • The election committee will be dismissed after the election is over.

Vote of non-confidence/agenda proposal:

1/3 of the members of the institution can file a vote of non-confidence against any authority or members showing a valid reason. In such case general assembly will be called within 21 days. The related authority or member will get a written notice, regarding the vote of non- confidence and will be given 7 days of duration for their clearance .If 2/3 majority of the total members of general assembly pass the vote of non-confidence, the particular person will be dismissed from the post .The vote of non -confidence cannot be filed against the person whose term of election is less than 6 months and whose vote of non confidence has not surpassed 6 months.

Revision of regulation:

The proposal regarding the revision of the section and sub section of this regulation should be submitted to the working committee by any of its members and such regulation will be passed by the 2/3 majority of the general assembly. Then the act will be enforced and informed to the local authority.

To make rules:

General assembly can make necessary rules under this regulation and such rules are informed to the local authority.

Ineffective and as according to the law:-

If any information written in the section and sub section of this regulation becomes contrary to the prevailing Nepalese law, it will be automatically dismissed.


Only the working committee has the right to explain this regulation.

Not to disclose the secrecy:

Any authority or the member of this institution should not perform any activities against the interest of the institution and should not disclose its secrecy. Authority of members of working committee and members of assembly should not use uncivilized and vulgar words during the meeting or assembly.

To obey the direction:-

The main duty of this institution is to obey the time to time direction of local authority.

According to the prevailing law:-

The matters of this regulation are under the Company Registration Act 2034 and prevailing Nepalese law. This institution should perform its activities with in the periphery of policy and direction of Nepal Rastra Bank and Nepal government.

Liquidation :-

If the institution cannot operate smoothly or it has to be liquidated the 2/3 majority member of the general assembly can have a final decision .In this way if the institution is liquidated, its liabilities are cleared and the remaining assets goes to the Nepal government.

Ad’hoc committee:-

An ad’hoc committee is created for the time being including the following institution and authorities:
S.N. Name Name of the Representative Institution Position Permanent Address Occupation
1 Bhim Prasad Neupane Triveni Bikash Bank Ltd. Chairperson Bhairahawa-7, Rupandehi Bankers
2 D.B. Bomjon Gorkha Bikash Bank (Nepal) Ltd. General Secretary Paple-8, Okhaldhunga Bankers
3 C.B. Lama Pashupati Bikash Bank Ltd. Trustee Pokhari Narayan sthan-8,Kavre Bankers
4 Premnidhi Gyawali Annapurna Bikash Bank Ltd. Member Gwadi-6,Gulmi Bankers
5 Bishwanath Kandel Gaurishanker Financial institution Ltd. Member Benighat-1, Dhading Bankers
6 Dhan Prasad Rai Gorkha Bikash Bank (Nepal) Ltd. Member Kathmandu-34, Shantinagar Bankers
7 Lanka Bahadur K.C Triveni Bikash Bank Ltd. Member Khidim-7, Arghakhachi Bankers