There will be a trust which consists of all the movable and immovable assets of the institution, and its accounts will be kept up to date in the format of current law.

Financial source

The financial sources of the institution are as follows:
  • Membership entrance fees and renewal fees.
  • Donation, gift, grants and aid from various individuals, association, institutions, and government and non-government bodies.
  • The approval of Nepal government is mandatory before any foreign assistance or grant.
  • Cash collected through any programs conducted by organization.

Operation of Bank Account

The bank account of the institution will be operated jointly by two signatures in any of the registered local bank. One of either chairperson or general secretary and the other of trustee which is compulsory.


Auditing should be done by the registered auditor of Nepal government within 3 months of the end of every fiscal year and its report should be sent to the respective body.