General Assembly:

  • Banks and financial institutions bound with Development Bank Association Nepal are its general members.
  • General assembly will be the apex body of the institution.
  • The quorum for general meeting should be 51 %.If the quorum is not achieved, within 7 days 33% of the members must be present in the called meeting which will be regarded as the sufficient quorum. General assembly is annual and basically of two types. The quorum of special general meeting should be 51 %.
  • Annual general assembly is held every year in the date, time and place fixed by the working committee.
  • If 1/3(one third) of the members of general assembly filed written claim, the special general assembly would be held within 21 days. All the members will be informed about the annual general assemble before 15 days through written notice or public advertisement.
  • Presidency of general assembly will be done by president of working committee. In the absence of president, working committee`s first vice-president will take the presidency if not available,working committee`s vice-president will take the lead. If stated all are absent selected one by assembly will take the presidency.
  • If the no. of vote in the assembly are equal president can vote. In this condition president vote will be final.
  • General assembly`s decision book is kept by working committee`s chief secretary. In decision book signiature is done by presidency holder of working committee and defined any member of general assembly.

Duty, Responsibility and Right of General Assembly:

  • To conduct election of working committee.
  • To accept necessary regulations under the law.
  • To decide yearly program and budget.
  • To appoint the auditor.
  • To provide necessary supervision to the working committee.

Formation of Working Committee

1. Chairman 1
2. First Vice Chairman 1
3. Second Vice Chairman 1
4. General Secretary 1
5. Secretary 1
6. Trustee 1
7. Ex-chairman 1
8. Members 5
9. Invited members 1
  Total 13
  Due to any reason if the position of a chairman or board member is vacant, the working committee will Nominate such vacant position for remaining term until the annual general assembly.

Duty, Responsibility and Right of working committee

  • To implement the decision of general assembly.
  • To present the annual program and budget of the institution in general assembly.
  • To be responsible towards general meeting.
  • To conduct programs which are beneficial to the institution.
  • To make inspect, supervise and evaluate the institution.
  • To approve the necessary designations and fix their remunerations.
  • To formulate required plan, programs and policies for the promotion, maintenance and growth of orgnisation.
  • To safeguard and maintain of organization`s economic trust and other moveable and immoveable properties.
  • To audit all transaction and make the yearly profit and loss and present all the reports for approval for at general assembly.
  • To manage invest and deploy the economic trust and open the different deposits like current, savings, fixed and others a/c`s
  • To unfreeze the description in preamble or other problems due to restrictions.
  • To work implement all daily activities which are beside the work to be done, defined through the preamble by general assembly.
  • To perform all work for fulfillment of organization goals.

Meeting of Working Committee

  • The meeting of a working committee will be held at least once in 3 months at the date and time fixed by the chairman.
  • If the majority of the members of the working committee provides written claim then meeting must be held at the fixed date and time.
  • The maximum number of the working committee should be 51 % and the decision of the majority will be accepted.

Other Committees

  • The working committee can form other necessary committees such as counselor committee along with other committee, sub committees within the premises of this regulation.